A mountain moves pebbles at a time. In our much divided political and global climate, the ground is fertile to produce goals that we can all get behind. Some may think that problems, such as the student debt crisis, are marginal and insurmountable, but I am hopeful and eager to show how far the human possibilities of collective work and social responsibility can move this mountain.  “By defining our goal more clearly, by making it seem more manageable and less remote, we can help all people to see it, to draw hope from it and to move irresistibly towards it.” In 1963, John F. Kennedy said this in his speech thus heralding an era of goal-based success among nations. It has since reverberated and set the case for the United Nations Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

America can no longer afford to be as arrogant as we’ve been. We can no longer exempt ourselves from the global family of concern. – Harry Belafonte


Between 2000 – 2015, the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that focused on ending extreme poverty, hunger and preventable diseases. Following the achievements of the last decade, stakeholders agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that addressed the obstacles of ensuring more equitable development and environmental sustainability. (Sachs, J 2015). The improvement of our environment underlies each of the seventeen goals – from eliminating hunger to reducing inequalities to building sustainable communities around the world. (@UN SDGs) The Shared Harvest Fund (SHF) recognizes the importances of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and have incorporated them into our mission. In particular, we devote our work to providing measurable impact to these five SDGs while providing opportunities to engage with nonprofits across all sectors:

Our number one goal is to disrupt the economic disparities that are being fueled and exacerbated by ballooning student loan debt. 
Through our platform we also anchor our reach in the other four areas of social impact by encouraging professionals to find the cause that they are passionate about and get involved locally and internationally to make a difference. We support initiatives that mobilize improvements in mental health, education reform, gender pay gaps, social justice and environmental sustainability. Education is not a luxury, but a necessity for the advancement of ideas and cultures. We all benefit from an educated society. Higher education should continue to be attainable and accessible to all who desire to advance.


The SDGs are so much more than a colorful rubric of artistic icons, they are the roadmap to understanding our nation’s priorities and how well we comprehend the needs of our global neighbors. Having worldwide goals helps individuals, organizations, and governments get aligned and collaborate on effective action plans. Solving big world problems doesn’t occur overnight, but being actively engaged in incremental ways moves pebbles, puts countries on notice and mobilizes stakeholders to work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Inequalities are not just determined by economics. To achieve basic levels of goods and services for all; better redistribution of wealth and resources (both within and between countries); and equitable access to opportunities, information and rule of law, new approaches that build capacities at all level of society are needed.” – United Nations


The Shared Harvest Fund seeks to provide the human resource capacity to get this important work done. Our approach is simply through one social good at a time. We’re building a passionate workforce with reliable project management solutions needed for effective collaborations. We have partnered with the best developers to build a unique fintech powered by social good while also offering real student loan debt relief now. We’ve chosen universal metrics that have the ability to measure our reach down to the unit. Most of all, we bring the #heartwork that can only be delivered by a human connection. The Shared Harvest community cares about building a future of compassion and inclusivity for generations to come. Join our movement today.

Click to view the United Nation’s 2018: Sustainable Development Goal Report.