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Denver, CO

1238 South Flower Circle Unit G, Lakewood, CO  80232 | 405-820-5171 | aridjon@gmail.com
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
Ph.D. in School Psychology (NASP approved, APA accredited)
Expected graduation, Summer 2019                                                               08/2013-present

Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO
M.Div. (theological and ministry studies)                                                       09/2007-06/2010
Additional Concentration in Biblical Studies
University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK
M.A. in Counseling Psychology                                                                       01/2002 – 05/2004

University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK
B.A. in Psychology                                                                                           08/1999 – 12/2001

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City, OK
General studies                                                                                               08/1997 – 05/1999

Licensed Professional Counselor, no. 4866
Colorado Dept. of Regulatory Agencies                                                          2008– present
Colorado Society of School Psychologists (student member)                         2014 – present
National Association of School Psychologists (student member)                   2013 – present
American Psychological Association (student member)                                 2013 – present


Alternative Homes For Youth, Greeley, CO                                                      08/2016 –  08/2017
Extern student, supervised by Arvind Karwan, PhD, LP
·     Adjunct individual counseling and therapy with adolescent boys (age 14-20) mandated for residential treatment by Division of Youth Corrections for charges relating to felonies (e.g., assault, theft, drug, offense-specific)
·     Psychological assessment of residents as deemed useful for ongoing treatment.

University of Northern Colorado,
Psychological Services Clinic, Greeley, CO                                                      08/2015 – 05/2016
Practicum student, supervised by Robyn Hess, PhD, LP
·     Directed study for advanced practicum (intervention and assessment) in child & adolescent counseling.

Edmond Family Services, Edmond, OK                                                                   08/2003 – 05/2004
Intern counselor, supervised by John Goetz, LPC
·      Provided individual, family, and group counseling to children and adolescents, most placed on IEP by local school district municipal adjudication for minor offenses

Krupnick Counseling Associates, Longmont, CO                                            07/2014 – present
Therapist (independent practice as LPC), Psychometrician (supervised by Heidi Aldern, PhD, LP)
·     Individual and family counseling and psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults through grant-funded programs from the city, employee assistance programs, insurance and private pay clients; more recently began offering couples therapy following Gottman Method Level 1 training (Summer 2017)
·     Administration of psycho-educational test battery (e.g., Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement, 3rdEdition) as part of a larger assessment conducted by a team, under supervision of Heidi Aldern, PhD, LP or Heather Bean, PhD, LP.

Tennyson Center for Children, Denver, CO                                              12/2011 – 08/2013
·      Provided family, group, and individual therapy and                                                                 case management for children in residential and day                                                     treatment services.

Choices For Life Foster Care, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK                             01/2005 – 08/2007
Child Therapist
·     Provided home-based individual and family counseling, crisis                                       intervention support, case management, advocacy and monthly group rehabilitation for state-custody children with emotional disabilities and behavioral disorders living in specially-trained foster care homes.

Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO                                                                      08/2018 – present
Predoctoral internship in School Psychology,
supervised by Gloria Cassanave-Perez, PhD, LP and Ron Glazier, PhD, NCSP

Acting school psychologist (independent practice model) as team member for Social-Emotional Learning, Special Education, Multi-Intensive Autism program, and MTSS primarily in K-5 setting
·      Behavioral & social-emotional consult and supportfor multi-intensive autism (MIA) center-based classrooms, and for other behavioral risk and high-need students (K-5)
·      Individual and group counseling for IEP and other referred students (K-12)
·      Administration and scoring of cognitive, academic, adaptive, and social-emotional assessment measures for IEP re-evaluation (K-12)
·      Co-facilitation of IEP team meetings (K-12)

Weld 8 RE-8 School District,Fort Lupton, CO                                                       08/2017–05/2018
School Psychology extern, supervised by Tony Baldo, PhD, LP
·     Administration and scoring of cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional assessment measures for referred students (K-12)
·     Individual counseling for referred students
·     Consultation with parents and teachers for behavioral interventions of referred students
·     Writing, review, edit of selected IEPs
·      Facilitation of IEP team meetings

Stellar Elementary, Thornton, CO                                                             08/2015 – 05/2016
School Psychology practicum student, supervised by Adam Collins, PhD
·     Conducted psycho-educational and social-emotional groups for referred students (K-5)
·     Administration of cognitive and academic assessment measures, and FBA for referred students
·     Assistance in crisis management for students in need
·     Implementation of evidence-based academic intervention for referred student

Morgan County RE-3 Schools, Fort Morgan, CO                                                  Fall 2013
School Psychology shadowing experience, supervised by Monica Buettel, PhD, LP

Crooked Oak Elementary School, Oklahoma City, OK                                          Spring 2001
SED Classroom volunteer (service learning project)
·      Provided mentoring and guidance to emotionally disabled children in accordance with an undergraduate learning service project.

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO                                        08/2013 – 05/2017
Dissertation proposal, advised by Robyn Hess, PhD
Research Apprenticeship, supervised by Marilyn Welsh, PhD and Eric Peterson, PhD
Graduate Assistant, Dept. of School Psychology, supervised by John Froiland, PhD, NCSP
·      Conducted literature search and review, ran experimental sessions for participant subjects
·      Administrative assistance including maintaining internship data
·      Formatted data tables in alignment with APA manual style
·      Generated and preparing classroom power points for course and workshop content
·      Literature review of adult attachment style, residential treatment care, trauma-informed care, and student-teacher relationship in preparation for dissertation study
School Psychology Student Organization (UNC), Ph.D. representative to faculty           2014 – present
Co-chair, Iliff School of Theology Student Senate                                                            2008 – 2009
Beatitudes Society, member                                                                                            2007 – 2008
Psi Chi (UCO chapter), Treasurer, representative to student government                     2002 – 2003
Psi Chi (UCO chapter), Historian                                                                                       2001 – 2002
Student Alumni Board (OSU-OKC), charter member                                                       1998 – 1999

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