Assistant Deputy, Force Support and Family Programs

Arlington, VA






Strategic/multidimensional thinker
Collaborative Team Builder
Robust Researcher and Analyst
Expert Advisor/Mentor
Seasoned Public Speaker and Presenter
Strong Negotiator

Work Experience:     Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Reserve Affairs and Airman Readiness)

1660 Pentagon

Washington DC


Title:  Assistant Deputy, Force Support and Family Programs


DUTIES:  Advise senior Air Force leaders on programs concerning readiness, resilience, and retention directly affecting Total Force Airmen.  Represent Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Reserve Affairs and Airman Readiness) at high-level, SES/GO-chaired working groups and meetings within Air Force, OSD, Sister Services, and partner agencies. Develop policy and oversee implementation across all components.  Partner with Sister Service and OSD counterparts to develop policy affecting Total Force servicemembers and families.


KNOWLEDGE OF MANPOWER & PERSONNEL FUNCTIONS: Advise senior AF leaders and OSD counterparts on strategic plans and policies for full range of force support and family readiness programs. Initiates, analyzes, and participates in the design/development of strategic plans, policies, programs supporting AF and DoD force support and family programs. Provides authoritative recommendations/opinions on joint Service and cross-functional programs. Analyzes impact and need for legislative and/or regulatory changes in collaboration with DoD/Federal/State/Civilian agencies.


ORAL & WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Skilled in developing/providing reports, presentations, and data for senior leaders’ Congressional testimony, and developing several courses of action to advocate/justify programs.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Currently provide continuous analysis of the impact of force support and family programs on the Total Force. Analyzed systemic issues with child and youth inspection process.  Currently developing changes to hold commanders and employees accountable for meeting requirements. Worked with Air National Guard to analyze problems with meeting OSD compliance requirements for transitioning airmen.  Developed policy with A1 to close gap and improve compliance rates—consistently exceeded OSD rate of 85% compliance. OSD-Level Working Group analyzing impact of Common Military Training on Lethality. Developed Air Force policy reducing the impact of non-core training on the workforce.  Shifted focus to core duties and reduced reliance on computer-based training.  Collaborated with Sister Services to advocate for simpler approach allowing the Services to determine best way ahead.  Recommendation positively received by OSD.  Identified enterprise-wide solution for registrar/bursar function for force development programs by modifying current system with minimal cost and maximum impact.  Will allow AF to track advanced academic degree graduates throughout AF career to ensure return on investment.


SITUATIONAL AWARENESS & COLLABORATION: Collaborate with Sister Services’ secretariats, Depts of Veterans Affairs, Labor, Education, MAJCOMS, AF/SG, DoD, and civilian partners in developing policy, providing program oversight, resolve conflicts, gain buy-in. Develop and interpret Service-wide policy for RegAF, Reserve Component, civilians, family members, and retirees in workforce development and quality of life in collaboration with Sister Services, OSD, and civilian agencies.


PROGRAM ANAYLSIS & PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Identify and analyze second and third order effects of proposed programs/policies. Represent Principal/Deputy Assistant Secretary on intra-governmental/DoD committees for programs affecting RegAF, Reserve, and DoD Civilians. Ensure compliance with laws.  Provide oversight for ~42 multiple and diverse programs including planning, programming, and budgeting and advocacy for programs affecting the well-being of airmen and families.  Member of the Senior Steering Group for Agile Combat Support (A1) analyzing POM requirements and ensuring that they meet SecAF/CSAF intent.


SUPERVISION & TEAM LEADERSHIP: Team lead overseeing subordinates’ analysis of programs and strategic policy impacts. Approve proposed way ahead for various programs and provide guidance on inputs to senior AF leaders and OSD partners. Provide input to leaders on subordinates’ assignments and promotion opportunities.  Determines work assignments and appointment to working groups at both OSD and AF level


MAJOR PROGRAMS: Top-to-bottom review of MWR program to align with AF priorities while also leading Secretariat-level overhaul of MWR program to align with readiness and resilience.  Agile Combat Support-A1 POM Senior Steering Group-Provided Secretariat-level guidance on POM decisions and prioritization.  Currently, coordinating AF culture, living an Air Force life, reduction of negative behavior efforts for Total Force.  In process of various Unified Legislative Budget (ULB) proposals pertaining to education, force support, and family programs.  Working with AF, Sister Service, and OSD to develop solutions for background checks and develop reciprocity between Services.  Panel member for AF Board for Correction of Military Records recommending final decisions on airmen’s request for corrections to records.  SAF/MR team lead for SecAF-initiated project to develop criteria for evaluating states on quality of K-12 education and spouse licensing portability.  Working with civilian partners and contractors to determine appropriate evidence-based metrics and normalizing across States.  Important factor in future basing initiatives.


BUDGET & FINANCE:  Provide strategic guidance on development of POM requirements with IMSC to meet SecAF and CSAF priorities and ensure consistent application across the Total Force.  Led the effort to re-open libraries for use by airmen and families.



Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower, Personnel, and Services (AF/A1)

1660 Pentagon

Washington DC


Title:  Chief, Air Force Voluntary Education


DUTIES:  Senior advisor to Air Force leaders on the voluntary education program including direct oversight and analysis of trends to determine annual budget of ~$170M and POMing for out-year funding to support post-secondary programs including MilTA, procurement of materials/training, instructional technology, and marketing.  Developed Total Force policy for use of military tuition assistance, counseling, testing, and professional development of staff across the Air Force in support of A1, SecAF, and CSAF priorities.  Wrote Air Force Instructions (AFIs), and collaborated with Sister Services, OSD, and industry for lessons learned. Analyzed effectiveness of program and advised senior leaders on changes to maximize return on investment. Developed responses to Congressional inquiries and provided briefings to senior leaders.  Oversaw contracts in support of the Voluntary Education program.  Managed the work and provided guidance for senior NCO assigned.


MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Completely revised Military Tuition Assistance program after AF shut down of program.  Analyzed effects of policy on return on investment (ROI) for Air Force. Threw out the book and completely rewrote policy to maximize reduced funding and assure Air Force leaders of the value of investing in tuition assistance program.  Reduced costs by ~$30M while establishing separate account for instructor development.  Initiated workflow process to ensure supervisors were advised of airmen’s educational progress.  Developed civilian credentialing program to meet Congressional and White House Transition initiatives.  Collaborated with Sister Service colleagues for lessons learned.  Leveraged existing IT at no additional cost to stand up website within prescribed timelines.  Created AF Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) program.  Provided public facing web page with information on civilian credentials to Total Force Airmen, veterans, credentialing agencies, AF recruiters, and employers.  Successfully procured training for transition counselors extending goal from ~44% trained to 80+% at no additional cost.  100% trained by implementation date.   Primary responsibility for evaluating complaints in the Post-secondary Education Complaint System and piloted program for DoD to determine and analyze effectiveness and flow of information.  Developed and distributed OSD funding for Education Centers in support of Transition Assistance–Accessing Higher Education program.


COLLABORATION: Member of OSD Academic Credit & Education and Training Working Groups that developed metrics and industry-like standards for credentialing.  Collaborated w/ OUSD, Sister Services, Airman & Family Readiness, career field managers, and AF Reserves on Military Life Cycle to identify touch points, determine appropriate vehicle, and develop way ahead.  Collaborated with OUSD MyCAA (spouse employment program) to develop ROEs for vetting companies wishing to review AF technical training.  Partnered with OSD/MyCAA to fine tune shared IT platform and create synergies/lower costs of upgrades—AF benefitted from cost-sharing receiving upgrades paid for by OSD.  Collaborated with partners across a variety of organizations: Financial Management, Personnel, Contracting Office, Depts of Defense/Labor/Ed, Sister Services, Congressional staffers, Public Affairs, university leaders.


FORCE DEVELOPMENT:  Created Voluntary Education Strategic Plan providing for the professional development of Voluntary Education counselors, specialists, and program managers to meet institutional goals resulting in first-ever comprehensive training plan for staff at all levels across 82 installations/9 Major Commands.  Related tasks to institutional competencies and leveraged existing training.  Oversaw policies, programs, and institutional effectiveness of the Community College of the Air Force across multiple campuses affecting 100K active duty, Reserve, and Guard students.


Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower, Personnel, and Services (AETC/A1)

Randolph AFB, Texas


Title:  Future Systems Program manager/Chief, Voluntary Education/Military Tuition Assistance Centralized Office


DUTIES:  Provide policy and guidance to education center staff at 13 bases on issues related to academic counseling, testing, commissioning programs, and various academic and professional development programs.  Senior advisor to the AETC/CC and AETC/A1 on issues related to education services, professional development, library, military tuition assistance, Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bills and other force development issues. Leading Air Education and Training Command centralization of tuition assistance program including centralized invoice payment, centralized budget management and execution. Work closely with Air Staff, fellow MAJCOM directors, and senior college/university leaders to develop programs, write policy, and resolve issues.


SUPERVISORY DUTIES:  Directly supervised 23 team members including two team leads.  Duties included setting work priorities, distributing work, providing feedback, writing annual appraisal, ensuring compliance with EEO and other civilian personnel rules and regulations, and providing corrective actions.  Noted by supervisor as one of the hardest working supervisors she had ever met.  Encouraged 2 work study employees to apply for PAQ; both selected.  Members awarded 2 Meritorious Civilian Service medals, 2 Exemplary Civilian Service medals, 2 Peterson awards, 1 promotion, 2 Civilians of the Quarter, 1 Civilian of the Year, 2 Notable Achievement awards.  Responsible for developing position descriptions, hiring, evaluating, and training employees. Worked closely with classifiers and AFPC to determine hiring rules and processes.  Combined collaborative environment with strong guidance so team members could be innovative and creative resulting in establishment of AF-wide centralized Military Tuition Assistance office–lauded as best integrated team.  Partnership with civilian personnel resulted in reclassification of positions for manning of centralized Military Tuition Assistance (MilTA) office.  Supervised two team leads concerning employees under their management including guidance on disciplinary actions, awards/recognitions, work distribution, and meeting goals


MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Stood up first-ever centralized Military Tuition Assistance office.  Researched and analyzed various outcome measures to validate success.  Determined metrics to monitor success such as student reimbursement rate, timeliness in invoice payments, course completions, and length of waiver processing.  Significantly increased tuition recoupment rate within first year.  Decreased invoice-processing time from weeks to hours in over 90% of cases.  Consolidated waiver process from installations and insured fair, equal, and consistent application of policies and procedures.  Worked closely with AETC/FM and HAF to develop finance metrics to ensure information in FM databases was current and accurate.  Able to determine requirements with over 99% accuracy.  Collaborated with stakeholders including hundreds of post-secondary institutions to encourage use of Academic Institutions Portal and ensure buy-in–worked with contractors to develop training guide to assist academic partners learn new program:  300% increase in use of AI Portal reduced payment time from 22 days to hours.  Recognized by senior leaders; recruited to develop Service-wide policies affecting thousands of universities.   Handpicked to lead civilian training, base training, formal training, military testing, and education Joint Base-San Antonio initiative to stand up Force Development Flight at Ft Sam Houston.  Provided subject matter expertise on civilian training, base training, formal training, military testing, and education for AF-wide manpower study.  Developed AETC civilian tuition assistance program to enhance professional development of civilian employees.


PROGRAM ANALYSIS:  Analyzed impact of resource constraints and developing cost-saving measures to work within tight budgets–Reduced $9.6M shortfall to ~$450K by year end through careful trend analysis/daily monitoring. In subsequent year, mitigated shortfall by analyzing reimbursement rate/process resulting in reducing shortfall by ~$1.2M.  Tight control over base-level Non-personal services contracts resulted in phased in funding approach and maximum use of dollars and execution of funding with less than 1% under-usage.  Management of $26M tuition assistance budget; careful analysis resulted in being within .05% of projected needs, nothing wasted in time of tight fiscal constraints. Oversight of GPC program resulted in error-free report during AETC ORI for largest single GPC account on Randolph AFB (~$26M in expenditures averaging ~700 transactions/month). Experienced in budget negotiations, fought for and received funding for command-wide Civilian TA after FM advised of no funding. Identified need to create tracking program for student reimbursements.  Careful analysis of options resulted in a no-cost, easy-to-use program stood up in ~6 months and savings of ~$1M/year.


COLLABORATION:  Partnered with SAF AQK, AETC/A7, AETC/FM, and 12 CONS to lobby Air Staff for GPC waiver of maximum limits–$5M per invoice waiver incorporated into AFI 64-117.  Partnership with FM, DFAS, SAF/AQCA, and US Bank resulted in developing first-ever use of payment plus card, multiple GPC payments, and expanded limited account for MilTA.  Handpicked to rewrite Civilian Tuition Assistance program guidance for future inclusion in AFI 36-401.



HQ Air Force Personnel Center
San Antonio, Texas

Title:  Career Field Manager

DUTIES: Provided guidance and policy to commanders at over 80 base education centers and Major Commands on personnel issues related to the 1740 Education Services career field. Developed, evaluated, and implemented guidance on personnel selections and ensure OPM qualifications/policies were used to qualify personnel in positions at base and Major Commands.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Identified flaw in qualifying of 1740 hires.  Averted sending unqualified personnel who did not met OPM standards to positions for which they were not suited.  Worked with classifiers to clarify OPM standards and provided guidance on appropriate academic requirements.


HQ Air Force Personnel Center
San Antonio, Texas

Title:  Education Specialist

DUTIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Air Force POC for Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB), Enlisted College Loan Repayment Program, and Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) requests. Provided guidance and recommendations on legal restrictions and requirements for BCMR requests to Pentagon-level Board.  Conducted research and complete documentation on each member’s request. Provided guidance and policy review/ interpretation to commanders, base education center personnel, and military members on issues related to MGIB, Enlisted College Loan Repayment Program, and related programs.  Worked closely with Air Staff, Sister Services, DoD, and Dept of Veterans Affairs to resolve issues, determine policy, and provide guidance to Airmen



HQ Air Force Space Command and Peterson AFB

Colorado Springs, Co


Title:  Education and Family Support Specialist

DUTIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Selected for highly competitive career broadener position at Peterson Family Support Center (FSC); within three months selected to fill FSC Director position. Led Peterson FSC to excellent ORI rating with only four months preparation. Direct Leadership resulted in Best Large Family Support in AFSPC. Oversaw Transition Assistance Program, life skills, personal financial management program and related family and airmen assistance programs.  Supervised and managed Dependent Schools program and School Liaison positions.  Reassessed school liaison position and reprioritized work to meet parents’ concerns.


SUPERVISORY DUTIES:  Directly supervised 15 employees.  Conducted full range of supervisory duties including adherence to EEO and other civilian personnel policies and regulations, establishing work priorities, writing appraisals, providing feedback, and giving corrective action.  Advocated for one of the first civilians to attend the NCO Academy in residence.



469 Air Base Group, Rhein-Main AB, Germany

Title:  Chief, Education and Training


Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Title:  Education Specialist


Barksdale AFB, Bossier City, LA, Louisiana

Title:   Deputy Director/Counselor, Education Services


Hickam AFB, Honolulu, Hawaii

Title:  Deputy Director, Education Services


Soesterberg AB, Soesterberg, The Netherlands

Title:  Deputy Director/Counselor, education Services


Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Title:  Intern/Guidance Counselor


Education:     Doctorate of Education, Ed. Leadership, September 2018 w/ Distinction, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Master of Arts, Educational Psychology, University of Texas at San Antonio

Bachelor of Arts, Trinity University

Professional Development Leadership Course (University of Tenn-Knoxville), 2009 & 2016



Ed.D at Liberty University



Assistant Deputy, Force Support and Family Programs at USAF

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