We promise to assist our nonprofit ChangeMakers in creating project deliverables that help to provide a better service to their constituents and nurture opportunities to attract talented people to their workforce.


Shared Harvest Fund shares the importance of the SDGs 2030 with United Nations and the City of Los Angeles. We have incorporated key targets into our mission. Our talented volunteer workforce, compatible metrics and reliable project management solution are ready for effective collaboration across sectors.

Global Girls

Global Girls, Inc. is changing the way girls of color see themselves and their possibilities. Since their inception, Global Girls, Inc. has improved the lives and collective experience of hundreds of girls in their community. They take great pride in celebrating their successes together and honoring the beautiful young women that remind them of the beauty of this work.  #heartwork

Birthing Project USA

Birthing Project USA inspires, grows and nurtures a culture of SisterFriending™ through education, training, and community and organizational capacity building. Their mission is to improve global women’s well-being and birth outcomes – one SisterFriend, one safe birth kit, one community at a time. They believe sisterhood is global, health and safe birth are human rights; and in solidarity with our sisters, we live our healthiest lives.

Illegal Foreclosures

The Coalition to Stop Unconstitutional Property Tax Foreclosures is fighting to win three demands:

Stop unconstitutional property tax assessments.
Compensate Detroit residents who have already lost their homes through illegal tax foreclosures.
Suspend pending property tax foreclosures until we can confirm that delinquent taxpayers have not been unconstitutionally assessed.

UnCommon Law


By providing high-quality advocacy and education, we equip prisoners and their supporters to transform their life prospects and to bring about the world in which they want to live. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the number of adults and children entangled in the criminal justice system.


As asset developers, we’re strategizing across multiple neighborhoods to create housing that retains our arts and culture, while at the same time improving the quality of life for those we serve. As community organizers, we cultivate leadership and facilitate civic engagement to ensure responsible economic development that benefits current residents. We provide the megaphone for a series of issues that others might find intimidating. As bilingual financial counselors, we educate families and individuals on mainstream financial tools, their rights as consumers, and resources that help them build and sustain their assets and wealth. We’re in the business of changing the trajectories of entire families.

Elgin Foundation

Elgin Children’s Foundation was created to ensure that children, no matter what their background or status in life, have full access to dental care and reading assistance.

Since its inception, the foundation has been overseen by Thompson’s son, B Ray Thompson Jr., and has helped more than 35,000 disadvantaged children in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia receives dental treatment that their families otherwise could not have afforded.

St Barnabas Senior Services

For over 100 years, St. Barnabas Senior Services (SBSS), has been serving economically vulnerable older adults in Los Angeles County.

We are dedicated to creating transformative change in the lives of older adults so they can maintain their independence, reduce isolation, and improve their health.





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Shared Harvest has launched the myCovidMD™ initiative. Our skills-based volunteers are providing testing and vaccinations for communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

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